July’s San Francisco Weather: How to Pack for Your SF Vacation

July’s Climate in San Francisco: A Comprehensive Guide

The weather in San Francisco in July is characterized by mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings, offering a refreshing escape from the typically scorching summer heat.

As July commences, the city of San Francisco experiences a nightly envelopment in fog, helping to maintain a lower temperature range throughout the summer months. This fog dissipatedly lifts by mid-morning, paving the way for sunny days. However, as evening approaches, the fog encroaches once again, dropping the city’s temperature to a comfortable mid-50s.

This guide will provide you with several helpful tips on how to efficiently pack for your stay, suggest interesting activities you can engage in during July, and provide insights on how to economize during your visit.

As the month of July advances, San Francisco’s weather becomes increasingly foggy. This phenomenon occurs when the heated atmospheres of the surrounding areas within the SF Bay encounter the cooler waters of the bay and the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the formation of fog.

The city’s daytime temperatures typically hover in the mid-to-upper 60s, while the night’s temperature decreases to the mid-50s. Below are some statistical insights into San Francisco’s weather in July:

Sf Weather Graphic July

Average Highest Temperature in July: 67° F/19° C

Average Lowest Temperature in July: 54° F/12° C

Average Monthly Precipitation: None

Historical Maximum Temperature: 103° F/ 39° C (Recorded on 7/17/1988)

Historical Minimum Temperature: 47° F/8° C (Recorded on 7/10/1953)

Essentials to Pack for San Francisco’s July Weather

Contrary to the popular belief of packing for warm, sunny days, it would be prudent to include a few long-sleeved garments in your luggage, which would come in handy as the temperature drops in the evening.

My typical outfit for San Francisco’s weather in July consists of short-sleeved shirts and trousers during the day. You might also consider packing some shorts. However, due to the breezy conditions prevalent in July, shorts may often seem too cool for comfort.

When night falls, I usually opt for short-sleeved shirts paired with a lightweight jacket or sweater. As the indoors usually remain warm, this gives you the flexibility to add or remove your second layer to cater to the shifting indoor and outdoor temperatures.

It’s also noteworthy that July tends to be a windy month. If you intend to stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge or embark on a bay cruise, it would be advisable to bring an extra layer during the day to ward off the chill!

Exciting Activities to Pursue in July

July’s sunny, temperate weather makes San Francisco a hotspot for travelers. This month is chock-full of thrilling activities that are sure to keep you entertained. Here are some top picks.

  1. Indulge in SF Giants Baseball Matches: Oracle Park is the place to be to enjoy some captivating baseball games featuring the SF Giants. This month they will be hosting over a dozen home games against opponents like the LA Dodgers, the San Diego Padres, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  2. Embark on a Bay Cruise: Sailing around the bay is an absolute must in July. The majority choose the standard 60-minute tour, which gives a comprehensive view of the bay and passes under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. You could also consider a wine-tasting cruise, a dinner cruise, or an exhilarating high-speed trip on the Rocket boat for a unique experience.
  3. Explore the California Academy of Sciences: Among our most frequented museums is the California Academy of Sciences. This fascinating place is essentially four museums rolled into one, featuring a natural history museum, a four-story rainforest, a planetarium, and an aquarium. Make sure to reserve a substantial portion of your day to thoroughly explore their varied exhibits.
  4. Delight in a Food Walking Tour: Embark on a culinary journey through our diverse districts. Head to North Beach to sample Italian delicacies, experience authentic Chinese cuisine in Chinatown, or immerse yourself in the Latin culture with a visit to the Mission.
  5. Soak in Music at the Park: Every Sunday in July, Stern Grove Park becomes a hub for music lovers. Free live concerts kick off at 2pm, showcasing both local talents and internationally renowned artists.

Explore Via Open-Top Bus Journey

One of the most delightful means to relish the San Francisco climate in July is by embarking on a journey through the open-top bus tour. These dual-level buses come with open roofs, providing a panoramic view of the city’s charm.

The tour facilitates swift transit from one highlight to another. The route I usually suggest encompasses numerous landmarks such as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, tranquil Golden Gate Park, bustling Fisherman’s Wharf, vibrant Chinatown, picturesque Lombard Street, and several other intriguing sites.

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