S.California Senate Candidates Face Off in Second Debate: A Comprehensive Overview

The race for the California U.S. Senate seat, previously held by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein, is heating up as candidates participated in their second debate. This event brought together four prominent figures: Democrats Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Republican Steve Garvey. Here’s everything you need to know about this pivotal political showdown.

Candidates and Background

  • Democrats:
    • Barbara Lee: A seasoned politician with a focus on progressive policies.
    • Katie Porter: Known for her anti-corruption stance and advocacy for economic justice.
    • Adam Schiff: Gained national attention for his role in the impeachment trials against former President Donald Trump.
  • Republican:
    • Steve Garvey: A former Los Angeles Dodgers star turned politician, Garvey’s views align with conservative principles, though he has been notably reticent about his stance on Trump.

Debate Highlights

Key Issues Discussed

  1. Taxes, Crime, and Homelessness: The candidates sparred over solutions to California’s pressing issues, with Democrats emphasizing progressive reforms and Garvey critiquing their effectiveness.
  2. Israel-Hamas War: All candidates expressed support for Israel, with nuanced views on the path to peace. Garvey deemed a two-state solution naive, highlighting the complexity of the issue.
  3. Trump’s Influence: The debate touched on the contentious topic of Donald Trump’s role in politics. While the Democrats criticized Trump, Garvey avoided direct comments on his support for the former president.

Audience and Analyst Reactions

  • General Reception: The debate was marked by a more cordial tone compared to the first, with candidates focusing on policy differences rather than personal attacks.
  • Analyst Insights: Experts suggest that Schiff’s consistent lead in polls may not be significantly affected by the debate, but Porter and Garvey’s battle for second place could be influenced by their performances.

Fact-Checking the Candidates

  • Income Inequality Claims: Porter’s comments on billionaires receiving tax breaks were scrutinized, highlighting the complexity of tax legislation and its impact on different income groups.
  • Crime Rates Discussion: Garvey’s statements on crime rates were challenged, with data showing a more nuanced picture of crime trends in California.

Looking Ahead

With the primary election approaching on March 5, the candidates are in a tight race to secure their positions. Schiff remains the frontrunner, but the battle for second place between Porter and Garvey is highly contested. Voter decisions in the coming weeks will be crucial in determining who will advance to the November general election.


The second debate for California’s U.S. Senate seat offered voters a closer look at the candidates’ positions on key issues. As the race continues, the candidates’ policies, debate performances, and public engagements will play a significant role in shaping the outcome of this critical election.


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