Rain Returns to San Francisco Bay Area: Incoming Storm Systems

The San Francisco Bay Area is on alert as three incoming storm systems are set to drench the region with a series of light to heavy rains. The first wave of precipitation is expected to arrive Wednesday into Thursday, bringing light to moderate rain. However, it’s the subsequent systems, forecasted to be more potent, that are drawing attention. These are slated to hit the area on Friday and continue their wet siege into early next week


Storm Systems Overview

  • First System: Light to moderate rain starting Wednesday into Thursday.
  • Second and Third Systems: More impactful, arriving Friday and persisting into early next week.

Expected Weather Conditions

  • Rainfall: Coastal ranges could see 4 to 6 inches of rain, while lower elevations may receive 1 to 2 inches.
  • Winds: Gusts of at least 25 mph are likely.
  • Impacts: Minor flooding and downed tree branches are possible.

Precautions and Safety

  • Warnings: No current severe weather alerts, but stay updated.
  • Advice: Keep up with forecast updates and stay safe.

Rainfall and Water Supply

  • Reservoirs and Snowpack: Steadily increasing, with the Sierra snowpack at 73% of normal.
  • Drought: No parts of California are currently in drought.

Historical Context

  • Recent Storms: Previous storms have caused significant disruptions, including power outages and flooding.
  • Comparison: These systems are not expected to be as strong as earlier disturbances this month.

Additional Information

  • Flight Delays: Check with airlines for potential delays.
  • Power Outages: PG&E is on alert for possible service disruptions.

Residents are encouraged to prepare for the rainy conditions and stay informed as the situation develops. Stay dry and safe, Bay Area!


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