Napa Weather in April: What to Bring, What to Wear, and Other Travel Advice

The climate in Napa during April is typically balanced, sunlit, and cozy with uniform temperatures all through the month. Napa profits from a Mediterranean climate, bestowing upon it mild temperature ranges all year round.

The mean highest temperatures in this region during April usually sway around 70 degrees. The days initiate with a cool breeze and gradually heat up with the rising sun. Early morning temperatures are pleasantly comfortable, starting in the 50s and gradually warming up to the upper 60s by late morning. The temperatures generally touch the 70s around midday and stay consistent for several hours, making it a warm, enjoyable, and an excellent time for a visit.

As dusk arrives and the sun begins to set, there’s a refreshing cool-down. Evening temperatures typically settle in the 50s with nighttime lows dipping into the mid-40s.

The temperatures in the beginning and end of April are stable, ensuring a mild and delightful climate throughout the month.

April in Napa also comes with minimal precipitation, usually averaging around one and a half inches for the whole month.

Mean Maximum Temperature in April: 71° F (22° C)

Mean Minimum Temperature in April: 45° F (7° C)

Average Monthly Precipitation: 1.5 inches (40 mm)

Historical Highest: 95° F (35° C)

Historical Lowest: 27° F (-3° C)

Outfit Suggestions for Napa in April

Pondering about what to wear during your visit to Napa in April? Layering your clothing to accommodate the shifting day temperatures is a smart move. Napa radiates a casual vibe, meaning jeans and comfy clothing are totally suitable for your visit. Here are some suggestions to help you pack for the April weather in Napa.


Pants/Jeans: Casual pants or a tasteful pair of jeans are typically my go-to. While the dress code is casual, I tend to avoid ripped or excessively dressy trousers. Lighter colors are also avoided, as red wine stains are notoriously difficult to remove and can put a damper on your trip.

Skirts/Dresses: The weather is amiable enough to don a chic skirt or casual dress. Depending on your preference to stay indoors or outdoors, a nice skirt or dress can be a splendid option.

Shirt/Sweater/Jacket: Layering is beneficial during this period. A short-sleeved shirt complemented with a light jacket or sweater is ideal, giving you the freedom to adjust to the temperature changes. Such attire is suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Shoes: Since seating is limited in most tasting rooms, shoes that provide comfort for standing for extended periods are recommended. I usually opt for low heels or flats. Neat, well-maintained sneakers are also acceptable.


Pants/Jeans: Men should lean towards good-quality jeans or casual trousers. Given the warm and sunny climate in Napa during April, lightweight clothing is advisable.

Shirt/Sweater/Jacket: Short-sleeved shirts are comfortable for tasting sessions, but a light jacket may come in handy for outdoor seating on cooler days or during evenings.

Shoes: Similar to women, men should opt for comfortable footwear that allows for standing for at least an hour. Sneakers are acceptable, although something slightly more formal may be preferable.

Five Must-Do Activities in Napa this April

  1. Engage in Wine Sampling: The ultimate attraction of Napa Valley lies in its wine tasting adventures. The delightful weather of Napa in April enhances the opportunity to enjoy tasting sessions, either in indoor settings or under the open sky. Discover my handpicked locations for an exquisite wine tasting experience. This adventure also makes for a splendid tour from San Francisco.
  2. Partake in the Vineyard to Vintner Festival: The calendar in April also boasts of some engaging events. A personal favorite of mine is the Vineyard to Vintner fest, which usually unfolds towards the end of April. Check out the comprehensive events schedule for April here.
  3. Discover Retail Therapy at Napa Premium Outlets: If the idea of indulging in a little shopping spree thrills you, make your way to the Napa Premium Outlets. Here, you’ll find popular brands such as Nike, Gap, Ann Taylor, along with Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and Sketchers. It’s the perfect spot to buy gifts for your loved ones, or even treat yourself.
  4. Experience a Hot Air Balloon Voyage: Embark on a sunrise hot air balloon expedition, soaring over the scenic vineyards. These early dawn excursions offer you the unique experience of beholding the valley at sunrise. Each flight spans approximately 45 minutes. For an additional indulgence, opt for a sparkling wine brunch upon landing. Learn more about these adventurous tours.
  5. Trek Near Lake Hennessey: The ideal conditions in April call for outdoor activities like hiking. The trail adjacent to the lake extends over 5.5 miles, allowing you to soak in the lush beauty of this region while exercising. The trail meanders along the lakeshore and climbs over neighboring hills, offering a choice of trekking out and back or completing the entire loop.

Accommodation Suggestions

The enticing weather of Napa in April sets the stage for a perfect overnight stay or a weekend getaway in the valley. Click on the links below to explore some of my highly recommended accommodations.

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