Golden Bears of California’s Berkeley: Football & Basketball in the Bay Area

Experience the thrill of witnessing a captivating football or basketball match featuring the California Berkeley Golden Bears during your visit. Delight in the exhilarating atmosphere as both teams showcase their skills in games held just across the picturesque bay from San Francisco.

The esteemed Cal Bears proudly represent the Pacific-12 Conference, affectionately referred to as the “Pac 12” for brevity. Prepare to witness their fierce battles against renowned adversaries such as the Stanford Cardinals, USC Trojans, and Oregon Ducks.

California Berkeley Golden Bears Football

Immerse yourself in the world of California Berkeley Golden Bears football by attending their electrifying matches at the iconic Memorial Stadium. From late August to December, embrace the excitement and passion that accompanies the team’s thrilling season.

2023 Football Season Home Game Schedule

Take a look at the upcoming home game schedule for the 2023 football season.

  • September 9th: Auburn
  • September 16th: Idaho
  • September 30th: Arizona State
  • October 7th: Oregon State (Homecoming)
  • October 28th: USC
  • November 11th: Washington State

The Grand Event

One of the most highly anticipated matchups for the Bears occurs annually when they face off against Stanford. These two esteemed college teams, both located in the Bay Area, share a deep-rooted rivalry, and their game consistently garners a substantial audience.

The upcoming significant clash, known as the “Big Game,” is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 18, 2023 at Stanford. To ensure attendance, I strongly advise securing tickets well in advance, as this game tends to sell out quickly.

Ticket Information

Ticketmaster is your go-to source for acquiring tickets to witness the exhilarating California Berkeley Golden Bears football games. It is particularly advantageous for acquiring tickets to early season matches and those that are unlikely to sell out rapidly.

In the event you are seeking tickets for the renowned Big Game or other highly popular matches, your best bet would be to explore TicketLiquidator. This platform offers a chance to obtain tickets for games that have already sold out, as they become available from individuals who are unable to attend.


The basketball team of the University of California, Berkeley, known as the California Berkeley Golden Bears, competes in their home games at the esteemed Haas Pavilion. The team’s regular season typically spans from the month of October through February.

Home Schedule for the 2022-2023 Season (To Be Determined for 2023-2024)

  • January 2nd: Arizona State
  • January 6th: USC
  • January 8th: UCLA
  • January 23rd: Arizona
  • February 3rd: Washington
  • February 5th: Washington State
  • February 17th: Colorado
  • February 19th: Utah
  • February 26th: Stanford

Ticket Options

When it comes to securing tickets for the California Berkeley Golden Bears basketball games, I highly suggest checking out TicketLiquidator. This platform offers a wide range of ticket options, including those for sold-out games and even seats that may be superior to what is available on the official website.

Top Hotels Near the University

If you prefer to stay in close proximity to the games, there are several outstanding hotel options to consider.

Here are three of the nearest and most highly recommended places to stay:

  • Berkeley City Club: Located at 2315 Durant Avenue, this 2.5-star hotel offers a delightful stay experience.
  • Hotel Shattuck Plaza: Situated at 2086 Allston Way, this 4-star hotel provides luxurious amenities and services.
  • Graduate Berkeley: Found at 2600 Durant Avenue, this 3.5-star hotel offers a comfortable and stylish stay.

Additionally, several outstanding options can be found just outside the downtown area. Many of the top-rated hotels are located near University Avenue on the western side of the campus.

Tips for Getting to Berkeley

Discovering the most convenient routes to attend the California Berkeley Golden Bears games from any location in the Bay Area is a simple task.

BART and Public Transportation

Whenever possible, I highly recommend utilizing public transit. BART (the Bay Area Rapid Transit system) provides a convenient means of transportation to all the games. The Downtown Berkeley Station is your desired exit point, from where you can head east toward the campus.

The stroll from this station to Memorial Stadium spans approximately one mile. However, this area is a treasure trove of delightful dining and refreshment options, offering ideal pit stops along the way. Additionally, you can easily reach the stadium by taking the local bus, or by using the Uber or Lyft app to travel from the train station.

The walk to Haas Pavilion for basketball games is less than half a mile.

In both cases, upon arrival, simply follow the crowd, and locating the game will be a breeze.

Driving and Parking

If you intend to drive, ensure that you arrive early to secure a nearby parking spot. While a few lots are available near each facility, they tend to fill up rapidly.

Downtown, you can also find a few parking garages, although they often inflate their prices and reach capacity swiftly.

About Cal Bears Football

The annual ‘Big Game’ against Stanford takes center stage as one of the oldest college rivalries in the United States. The 1982 edition produced one of the most renowned plays in college football history, now referred to as ‘The Play.’ It involved the California Berkeley Golden Bears having to navigate through the Stanford band, who were already celebrating on the field, in order to score the winning touchdown.

With a seating capacity of 63,000 fervent fans, Memorial Stadium offers a magnificent setting to spectate a game. Designed in the image of the Colosseum in Rome, the stadium stands as a tribute to the UC Berkeley alumni and students who made the ultimate sacrifice during WWI.

The Golden Bears have participated in eight Rose Bowls, resulting in two victories, six losses, and one tie. They boast a total of 11 wins out of 22 Bowl Games. Numerous NFL stars have emerged from this team, including Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, and DeSean Jackson.

About Cal Bears Basketball

Men’s basketball at Cal has been an enduring tradition since 1915. The team enjoyed notable success in its early years under the guidance of coach Nibs Price from 1924 to 1954. They reached their pinnacle under coach Pete Newell, who led the Bears to their sole NCAA title to date in 1959.

In addition to their 1959 national championship, the California Golden Bears reached the Final Four in 1946 and 1960, and have participated in a total of 19 NCAA Tournaments. The team secured the Pac-10 conference championship as recently as 2009.

The roster of famous former players includes Jason Kidd (an NBA All-Star and the current head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks), Kevin Johnson (also an NBA All-Star and the current mayor of California’s capital), and Darrall Imhoff (who enjoyed a 12-season NBA career with the Knicks, Lakers, and other teams).

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