A Michelin-Starred Restaurant vs. A Fashion Startup: The Battle Over “Quince”

In the heart of San Francisco, a legal drama unfolds that pits a celebrated Michelin-starred restaurant against a burgeoning fashion startup. Both share the name “Quince,” but their offerings couldn’t be more different—one serves up exquisite culinary experiences, while the other dresses the fashion-forward. Yet, this shared name has become the center of a costly trademark infringement lawsuit that has captured the city’s attention.

A Michelin-Starred Restaurant vs. A Fashion Startup_

The Contenders

  • Quince Restaurant: A jewel in San Francisco’s dining scene, Quince boasts three Michelin stars and is renowned for its Italian-inspired cuisine. Helmed by chef and co-owner Michael Tusk, the restaurant recently reopened after an extensive remodel, further cementing its status as a culinary destination.
  • Quince.com: On the other side of the dispute is Quince.com, a San Francisco-based e-commerce startup that deals in cashmere sweaters, among other fashion and home goods. Despite operating in a completely different industry, the startup’s use of the “Quince” name has led to confusion and frustration for the restaurant.

The Dispute

The legal battle began when Quince Restaurant filed a preliminary injunction in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, seeking to stop Quince.com from using the name. The restaurant argues that the shared name has led to confusion, citing misdirected packages and customer inquiries as evidence. This confusion, they claim, has damaged the restaurant’s reputation, including a negative Yelp review intended for the startup.

Quince.com, however, has dismissed the lawsuit as “meritless,” with their attorney stating that the company will not change its name. The startup has faced other trademark infringement lawsuits in the past, indicating a pattern of legal challenges over branding.

The case highlights the complexities of trademark law, especially when two businesses operate in different industries but share a geographic location. Trademark law primarily aims to prevent consumer confusion, but the unique circumstances of this case test the limits of that principle.

The Stakes

For Quince Restaurant, the name is “synonymous” with two decades of culinary excellence. The dispute escalated when both entities ventured into the cookware market, creating direct competition under the same name. This move, according to Michael Tusk, was a “breaking point” that transformed brand confusion into a deeper, more personal conflict.


As the legal battle continues, the outcome remains uncertain. What is clear, however, is the importance of a name in the worlds of both haute cuisine and high fashion. This dispute not only underscores the challenges of branding and trademark law but also reflects the broader tensions between tradition and innovation in a city known for both its culinary delights and its startup culture.

The case of Quince Restaurant vs. Quince.com serves as a cautionary tale for businesses in all sectors, emphasizing the need for careful consideration when choosing a name—a decision that can have far-reaching implications beyond what anyone could anticipate.

Stay tuned as this culinary and fashion drama continues to unfold in the courts, setting a precedent for trademark disputes in the digital age.

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